About Us


We are interested in what moves you and what excites you about your beauty. We want to learn from you and our community. We handpick clean ingredients for all our products and make sure they are ethically produced. 


Founder Patricia San Pedro is passionate about guiding her community and clients to be their most beautiful selves. A mother of 4, an entrepreneur and author of Face Fitness. Patricia has explored different angles of self-care with her decades of experience within the beauty and fitness industry and shares effective techniques with you.

The team. 

Together we are a team of driven women: Patricia San Pedro- founder, Dara Yoon- designer, Meli Rivera- skin trainer, Jo Atkins- skin trainer. Together we are excited to help bring your best self through clean skincare products, beauty tools, and educational tutorials. Every body is different, every skin is different, but at the core we are all one. We look forward to connecting with you.

Love & Light